Who We Are
Our story

Alex Fletcher
Founder & President

My name is Alex Fletcher, the founder and president of eSports Group, LLC. As a lifelong gamer, athlete, and entrepreneur I’m proud and excited to be apart of the eSports industry. Like many others, my story began with a boy and his video game console. For me, it was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System that set ablaze my love for gaming. To this day, few memories top the hours I spent absorbed in the 16-bit heaven laden with titles like “Super Mario World 3” and “Star Fox.” From those early childhood years to adulthood, I’ve watched gaming progress from being considered something “you grow out of” to mainstream cultural movement, and have enjoyed every second of it.

To the boy, who would wake up at 6am every weekend morning to game before his parents woke up and watched the news, the thought that an entire industry, surrounding the competitive play of video games at its highest levels, would exist is a dream come true.

I wake up every morning with renewed passion to contribute to the global eSports community in any way possible. For me, it means bringing experience as a competitive athlete, a strong professional background across technology, consulting, sales and recruiting to bear through eSports Group. I am firmly committed to not only building a strong business and brand, but also advocating for the overall progress of eSports.

Esports Group’s business philosophy is centered around building authentic relationships and connections across the industry. Respect for the culture of gaming and vast potential latent in eSports, drives a specialized, plugged-in and proactive approach within the eSports arena. Whether working with talent placement or developing cutting edge analysis, eSports Group strives to be a leader.


Our mission is to enable a variety of business disciplines in realizing returns throughout eSports by applying innovative insight and strategic guidance. We are a unique team committed to the global eSports landscape – delivering best-of-breed client service and the best advice across a wide spectrum of activities. Simply put, we are your guide to building business around the global phenomenon that is eSports.


We want to bridge the eSports opportunity. With roots outside the world of gaming and eSports, we’ve had to map our way through the maze that is competitive video games. We offer a hard-earned blend of credibility, expertise and objectivity to our customers. Our goal is to connect and guide companies as they navigate the complex and rapidly evolving eSports industry.

What makes us different?

We’re a group of forward-thinking, highly experienced individuals. We specialize in shaping success stories. We’re at the forefront of understanding what it takes to realize returns from the eSports industry through unique, independent, and creative insight. That’s what makes us different.